Released on Jem Records 21 June 2019

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There are also several tracks with a modern rock sensibility, including the lovely and atmospheric “This Autumn Road,” which has an REM vibe, and “Upon Her Skin,” which sounds like the best song XTC never recorded. The melodic rocker “Winning A Lose Game” is a masterful combination of INXS and Split Enz.

Bliss Aquamarine

This is a truly great janglefest of an album, spanning classic 1960s sounds, powerpop, prime period indiepop and even vintage rock at times with some of the heavier guiotar work that appears now and then. very highly recommended.

"Wow! The Gold Needles' JEM Records debut is quite the intoxicating mix of wonderfully hooky pop tunes with some lite-psych flavoring. They do a nice job on covers of deep cuts by the Monkees
and the Lemon Pipers (!), but the real prizes here are the originals: the insistently jangly "Goodnight Mr. Tom," the sweet 'n' punchy "Girl You Will Be Mine" and the rockin' "Winning a Losing Game" are just a few of the treasures to be unearthed." - John M. Borack, Contributing Editor, Goldmine Magazine

John Borack - Goldmine

Neil Hodge - The Ginger Quiff

Hull’s purveyors of fine 1960s influenced psych power-pop prove their worth once again with a delightful selection of sunshine-tinged pop tunes, this time released on legendary US-based label Jem Records. The band appear to have taken the time between their debut Pearls and this new album Through a Window, honing and perfecting their blissed-out sounds.

This album is a cohesive solid set of ten beat pop influenced tunes dropping just in time for summer. Through a window will be a great soundtrack to long hot hazy summer days, if we get any. Even on days when the rain traps you indoors, pop this CD on and the sun will shine in your living room.

When one hears the words Jem Records, one normally thinks of New Jersey bands and 60’s influenced jangle pop. With The Golden Needles’ Through A Window, we’re treated to first rate jangle pop once again – but this time from the UK.

Fans of The Byrds will immediately dig “Sunset Girl” with it’s chiming guitar weave and catchy chorus. Similar can be said for the lyrically inspiring “I’m Gonna Try” while the thoughtful “Upon Our Skin” is a nice juxtaposition to the songs that proceed it.  “Here She Goes Again” has the kind of harmonies and hooky chorus that’ll make you believe you’ve heard it before. 

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Mark Barton - The Sunday Experience

 ‘here she goes again’ arrives radiantly swooned and summer spun in the smoothly smoked tang of honeyed harmonies and steeled 60’s shimmer tones all cosy toed and twinkled in countrified coalesces which glow with a homely timeliness to echo with the crystalline craft of the likes the Summer Hymns, the LA’s and the much missed Mayflies.


 "Jangling guitars and flawless three-part harmonies are tied to smooth melodies that stick to your head effortlessly. The sound is like Association and The Byrds combined to give us pure musical magic!"

Michael Bjorn - Popgruppen

Just my imagination being ignited by the quality of the songwriting here, then. But while you can go wrong with your imagination, you can’t go wrong with the album.

Cool pop for hot summer nights!

 "I think it’s safe to say that in a just world, The Gold Needles would be on every radio – especially at this time of year. This album is the perfect accompaniment for a drive down to the beach…"


The Gold Needles return with more excellent Psych Pop on Through A Window. The band will delight their ever growing UK following with their new wave take on UK Beat. The album builds on their live reputation as one of the best live bands on the scene. More importantly, this could and should be the album that breaks them worldwide. They build on the ability to bring great variety in their material and Through A Window celebrates this strength in a focused melodic way. The Gold Needles are the best thing to come out of Hull since Mick Ronson and The Housemartins, they've been the UK's secret for too long.

Don Valentine - I Don't Hear A Single


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